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Kim – Owner, CoachSUN_6319

When Kim and her husband were married in 2012, she brought over $60,000 in debt into their marriage (student loans, credit card debt, loans from family members from a divorce a few years earlier). In late 2012, she and her husband decided to get control of their finances and they attended Financial Peace University at a local church. They made the decision to cut up their credit cards and eliminate the debt in their lives, to be better stewards of the resources God blessed them with. After deciding to cut back their budget to the bare necessities, and throwing all extra money to the debt, they were able to eliminate their debt in 7 months. They then set aside their emergency fund. With these items complete, they were able to put some fun spending back in their budget and they also began setting aside money for kid’s college funds, retirement and extra on their mortgage. In early 2018, Kim was part of something most everyone goes through at some point in their lives…a layoff. Luckily, due to all the financial preparations she and her husband had made, the layoff didn’t stop them in their tracks. Since then, Kim has been able to follow her passions: she is helping with a church plant in NE Edmond and was able obtain her Financial Coach Master Training through Ramsey Solutions.